Ill chicken.

Hi, i have noticed that recently my chicken has not been it's self. It's feathers have been puffed out and she is constantly hunched over. Over the last few days she has gotten worst and now has very runny poop and is bleeding alot, so much so that blood is in her feathers all the way down her abdomen, she also is extending her neck a lot and shaking her neck. Her appetite though is normal but she seems too be drinking considerably more, do you have any idea of what could be wrong?
Many thanks.

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Aug 03, 2009
by: Linda

Your bird may be dying from any number of things. I'm not sure if regular vets can treat chickens or not, so you need to call one. Your bird is going to die. Anytime you see blood coming from anywhere, bird is in trouble. If your regular vet can't treat your bird, call an Avian(Bird) Vet in your area, the same kind of vet who treats parrots and such will also be able to treat chickens and other poultry birds.

Please do not delay any longer getting your bird help as it is going to pass away in a while without treatment.

Hope this helps you some.


Aug 03, 2009
Chicken problem
by: Tracie

Dr B can not help your chicken, you chicken needs to be seen in person to get help. Please take your chicken to a vet.

I don't want this to sound rude, but this is a parrot forum and you really need to find a different place to post questions about barn yard animals. I can not think of another way to inform you of this, I hope you can read my tone of voice is not ugly.

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