Ill Lilac Crowned Amazon, sudden feet paralysis, not eliminating

Our lilac crowned amazon, who has been completely healthy for the past 22 years started sitting on the bottom of her cage Friday.

She suddenly lost use of her right foot and is in pain when her right wing is moved. She is not eliminating and is very lethargic.

Went to the vet who took x-rays on Friday. X-rays show fluid in air sacs. Vet said she didn't know what the cause was but most likely the bird would not make it through the weekend. Suggested a tumor but was not sure. She offered to euthanize the bird or I could try to hand feed her and give her antibiotics. I took her home and have been hand feeding and giving har Baytril once a day.

She does have a mate and has been mating for the past few months but they have been together for 20+ years and she has never laid an egg. There was also not an egg visible in the x-ray. (In case that info helps)

After 1.5 days she is not much better, but not much worse either. I can't help thinking that there is not something else that can be done for her. Any ideas, any other recommended treatments or ideas on whats wrong with her?

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May 17, 2010
Lame Amazon
by: The Avian Vet

I would not give up yet. There are many diagnostics and treatments available for birds. I think you should get a second opinion from a specialist. I can?t give you more information without examining her.

If she has fluid in her abdomen, then that could be removed. She should also be on some pain medication, heat, and fluids.

Dr B

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