Illness - seizure

by Joe Horenkamp
(Novi, MI)

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Amazon double yellow. 42 years old. Seems in good health. Receives a good diet. Lately I noticed he's been sleeping more. After his bath when I tried to put him on his cage he could barely hold on then went almost totally limp with his head all the way back. At first I thought he was dying. He would recover slightly then same thing, he would go almost totally limp with his head back (like he's looking straight up). He's had a few minor episodes like this where he can't hang on. He seems OK now, perked up, had some warmed up cider, and is sleeping. Anyone ever seen these symptoms before..

Was this a seizure of some sort? A mineral imbalance? I am thinking I should take him in for a complete checkup with blood work but don't want to stress him further at this point.

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Dec 08, 2013
Illness - seizure
by: Joe Horenkamp

As far as his spraying/showering goes he's always been good with it. In the summer I spray him outside and he loves it. I first use a 4oz sprayer with less than a drop of soap that rinses clean. Then I follow that immediately with just water. In the winter I use the shower and he's never had a problem with that either - he just walks in and our of the shower. This time was unusual because he just stayed in one place looking up. I am always careful not to put undue stress on him. I never sneak up on him when he is sleeping and startle him etc. But I will take your advice on this and just spray him in his cage.

The cider was from the cider mill - no additives. My thinking was that he may have had a sugar (glucose) issue as I have heard parrots can become diabetic. I plan to have the vet check him for this. I will also be sure to get him organic veggies and fruit - he likes both especially peas, bananas/apple mix. I sprinkle the Mannatech Phyt-Aloe on his food. This product worked real well 10 or 15 years ago when he developed a vision problem.

I have been in touch with an avian vet and plan to have him checked out soon. He is sleeping more than usual but seems OK, alert, not lethargic, and is eating and drinking. The vet recommended to keep an eye on him for now as the visit might be overly stressful.

Thanks for the advice...


Dec 08, 2013
Thanks for the response...
by: Anonymous

I spray him with a 4 oz sprayer with just a teeny bit of soap - less than a drop. In the winter I then put him in the shower and he walks around the tub. He has always been OK with this. Loves to be sprayed outside in the summer.

He did show this kind of weakness a month or so ago when he was riding on my shoulder. At the time I thought it was unusual but he was able to hang on to the back of a chair.

And no I don't give him anything sweet. The cider was from the cider mill with no additives.

Although I am in contact with a vet I hesitate to take him in now because I don't want him stressed out again so soon. At this point I am keeping him warm and comfortable and he seems OK and is munching away. But he has been sleeping more than usual.

Thanks again for the info and advice on the organic veggies. I will be trying to shelter him from outside chemicals and tap water.


Dec 06, 2013
Illness - seizure
by: Linda

Yes, bird has to be thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet as quickly as is possible. When you say "bath" I hope you do not mean you immerse him in water because this can cause death just from the stress of it. Use a clean plant sprayer with warm filtered water and give him a shower a few times a week in his cage. This also helps to loosen dirt from perches and bars. Never immerse bird in water and do not take into shower.

Also, never give a bird apple cider or anything else that sweet. Sugar kills birds and even though apple cider is supposed to be natural, it may have added sugar to sweeten it up even more. Give only organic fruit and veggies because stuff in grocery stores is tainted with dangerous chemicals.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say when you have time and thanks for writing.

Dec 06, 2013
Bird with possible seizure
by: Tracie

It is impossible to tell what is going on over the Internet, sorry. Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

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