I'm going on vacation for ten days

by Ashley
(Brampton )

Is it okai to leave my pet conure with my friend who
Loves animals and takes good care of them even
Though my bird and I have a good relationship??

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Jan 01, 2017
leaving bird with friend
by: Sandra

Hello there,

I'll say yes, but only if your friend interacts with your bird when visiting you. I've a few friends but I'd only trust one of them with my birds and the other person I'll trust is my daughter who does not live with me but will comes in and take care of my birds if we are not on vacation together. When we are on vacation together that's when my friend will come in and look after my birds. I've heard many of my friends said that they love animals but they don't even have a bird.
Before you go on vacation let your friend comes in and change your bird water and food and clean the cage etc while you're there and see how your friend does it and how your bird reacts to her doing those things, so you'll be sure that your bird will be looked after properly when you're not around.
Take care and do enjoy your holiday.

Dec 28, 2016
leaving bird with friend
by: Tracie

As long as they know how to care for the bird it will be fine. Make sure they know not to use Teflon, spray toxic air fresheners etc.

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