I'm gonna get a 4 week old conure

by Javier
(Santa paula, CA)

I'm gonna get a 4 week old yellow sided conure and I wanna know how many time do you have to feed it a day and how to take care of it? plz someone tell me

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Apr 09, 2012
Buying an unweaned parrot
by: Tracie

Please read the article our avian vet wrote:

To Wean or Not To Wean article

Apr 08, 2012
I'm gonna get a 4 week old conure
by: Linda

Javier, I highly recommend you not get this young a parrot. Your questions lead me to believe you do not know what you're doing, and the bird will suffer as a result of your lack of knowledge and skill. Allow the breeder to finish handfeeding this bird and wean it as well. Handfeeding baby parrots is a learned skill, and all the words in the world will not fully prepare you for doing it correctly.

You could see if the breeder will allow you to learn by working with them so you will know how to do this next time. If they will allow you to work with them, watch carefully, listen to what they say and write down any notes for future reference. You have to learn the feeding/weaning process all the way from correct way to mix the formula, correct feeding temperature, how to feed using a syringe and how much to feed at one time and througout a day depending on age of baby.

I recommend you talk with the breeder about leaving bird with them until weaning is over, and see if they would allow you to learn how to do this up to an including having them watch you actually give your bird a feed or two. Handfeeding being a learned skill takes much practice, and if you want your bird to be safe and healthy, leave it to the experts until you have spent a great deal of time working with breeder and learning everything they have to teach you about the process. Be willing to clean a few cages and such for your training too as this is all part of having parrots and breeder will feel better about taking time to work with you if you're willing to help them out in return for the training.

Handfeeding parrots is NOT for the inexperienced person, and that is exactly who you are today and right this minute.


Apr 08, 2012
Do not purchase this young!!
by: Anonymous

PLEASE DO NOT invest in this purchase in a live animal until you have significant knowledge of how to care for a baby parrot. Wait until you have been properly trained how to hand feed and wait until you have the money to visit an avian veterinarian. It is just not fair to the baby bird if you have to seek advice from an internet blog on how to properly care for this little guy. Having no idea is NOT a gamble you want to take. Save this birds life by NOT getting him until you are knowledgable or wait until he is weaned already from the person you are thinking about getting him from.

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