I'm looking for FREE bird courses, All species.

by John Fahlsing
(St. Petersburg)

The more I feed and care for them, the more wild birds i see and hear, the more I want to know. I can study at home, online, and absolutely no money. Working for room and board, halfway house etc.

15 Cockatiels, 1 rosells, 1 blue head conure, 4 love birds, 1 blue and gold macaw, 1 yellow tail cockatoo and my baby, quaker. Just can't get enough. Just want to be more knowledgeable, learn important things like, breeding, hand feeding chicks, care and health of all species, ages, habitats, what pests to look our for. etc.

Any help, and I'd be very grateful.

Thanks, John Fahlsing

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Jun 13, 2012
I'm looking for FREE bird courses, All species.
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing and for your interest in birds. Your best source of information is the internet which provides a wealth of information about all species of birds whether they are softbills, chickens, ducks, parrots, etc.

All the information you find is free if you have a good internet connection and can freely browse the thousands of sites having to do with birds and their care.

It sounds like you are now interested in the parrots, and just put name of bird species, like Blue and Gold Macaw into your search box, and you will find almost unlimited information. You'll have to do one bird at a time unless you are going to just look at say Macaws or Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Lorys and so on. You can also print out any information you wish to refer back to later and here again, it's a matter of having an internet connection and the time to do the research.

Back in the "old days", I had to do my research in various libraries by finding and checking out books and then taking laborious notes so I could have the information available. Now, with the internet, there is no more need for spending hours in libraries and then taking thousands of pages of notes and then having to return the books later.

Good luck in your study, and you will never learn all there is to know about birds as it is a continuing effort for a lifetime.


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