I'm not sure about my RP

by Gaosisters
(Gilber, AZ, USA)

On the 1st day we got her, she was really scared, but in the evening, my sister was able to perch her. She was doing really good, and was starting to warm up to us. Then after she got out of her cage twice, we went to the pet store to get her wings clipped, because for some reason, they didn't clip them when we first got her. When the person tried to grab her, she flew everywhere. They managed to clip her wings, but ever since then, she hasn't really been to open towards us.

She can sometimes be calmed down by us humming, but only for a little while, She is really skittish, and hasn't allowed us to perch her very much. If we do perch her, she never allows us to get her out of the cage into a smaller one. We can't ever grab her, because she flys everywhere so we aren't able to catch her. Is there any way to make her less nervous and shy? Also, we got her a toy on the first day, but she never plays with it. Is that normal? Plus, she doesn't scratch or bite her cuttlebone. How do we get her to do that?

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Jul 31, 2011
Author's Note
by: Gaosisters

Sorry, when I wrote "RP", I meant rare parakeet. I just wasn't sure how long the title could be. Thanks for your advice, but I'm not sure that I will improve much, as I don't know too much about birds.

Jul 25, 2011
Author's Reply
by: Gaosisters

When I wrote "RP", I was just shortening the words, rare parakeet, because I wasn't sure how long the title could be. Well, thanks for ur advice, I will try to do some research on Blizzard, my rare parakeet.

Jul 20, 2011
Scared bird
by: Tracie

I am not sure what an RP is, but it would be good for you to do some research and learn about your bird.

When you took the bird to get the wings trimmed at a place that has no clue how to care for birds, it caused your bird to further dis-trust humans. In the future only take the bird to a trusted breeder or an avian vet for wing trims. Birds have hollow bones that can easily be broken if held too tight.

We have some articles that will help you on our Parrot Training page. Please read some of the training articles, because they will help you understand how to work with birds.

Also, it would be good for you to either purchase a book on bird care or do research online. There are some excellent DVD's and books on DVD's and books on caring for birds here on this site that you should consider also.

Sit by the cage, eat by the cage, spend time calmly talking to the bird and learn to recognize the bird's body language so you know when to back off and when to move forward.

You can do this, be encouraged. In time you will earn the bird's trust if you are patient and sensitive to the bird's body language.

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