Importance of Respect in Parrot Education?

by Amy

I have seen this site a couple times when typing specific questions into Google, but only now have I spent much time reading through your "Parrot Questions" pages.

If I understand correctly, this message board is a place to get advice from parrot owners and experts. However, I'm disturbed by some of the information given.

Tracie, upon closer review, your advice seems to be reasonable and carefully considered. You seem to remain respectful and be genuinely willing to help. That's fantastic.

Some others that regularly post are rude, make enormous assumptions and treat people very disrespectfully!

Because so much of my work involves educating those who are considering parrots as pets and those who already own parrots, I know it can be upsetting and frustrating to deal with those who don't have even have a basic understanding of parrot care or who impulse buy and then end up with dead birds because they couldn't afford or weren't will to pay an Avian vet. I scream into pillows on a fairly regular basis because of what I encounter, it's maddening.

That being said, as parrot advocates and educators we have a responsibility to find a way to effectively communicate with parrot owners...even the bad ones. In order to effectively communicate, you must find a way to be "heard". If you're rude and judgmental, the only thing that is likely to be heard is that you're rude, judgmental...and in my opinion, unprofessional.

If this happened on my page, I would immediately address a couple of these people and put an end to their really unnecessary sniping. I think you, Tracie and some others have a lot of great things to offer, but because of a few I will recommend that people use other resources, which is unfortunate.

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May 04, 2013
What beautiful words spoken...
by: CHaydel ya'lls love for birds.

I thank you for your time, experience, and kind words. ch

May 04, 2013
response to Tracie
by: Amy

Tracie, thank you for posting my comments. It is further testament that you do care about helping people with their birds and that is really great to see.

I wrote that post when I was quite upset by some posts I read by two people who seem to post a lot. We all get a little hot under the collar sometimes.

I would just like to urge everyone who uses this site to keep in mind that we've all made mistakes with our birds - no one is perfect. Even if it's clear that someone has no idea what they're doing and we "experts" feel that they really shouldn't own a parrot at all...they did care enough to post here for help. Please remember this when responding.

One of the wisest women I've ever know (my grandmother) taught me the secret to life. She told me if I followed it, in every aspect of my life, not only would I be a happy person but I would spread that happiness to everyone I encountered. She was right and it applies here as well: Be Kind. Be kind in your words, your thoughts, and your actions. It doesn't cost you a thing and can make all the difference!

May 03, 2013
Awesome Contributors...
by: Anonymous

Yes, I can totally appreciate the way Linda and Tracy handle the postings and I can only imagine how difficult it is to tackle every single one of them. I have been lucky to get mostly positive postings since I subscribed so I can say that there has been much improvement if this was the case. I completely enjoy this website. I have learned so much and was over joyed to share some of my knowledge and experiences with other parrot owners. Thank you so much Linda and Tracy for your contributions and for making my experiences in here enjoyable!

Maria Morales
Bklyn, New York

May 03, 2013
Importance of respect
by: Tracie

I agree with you Amy, I should have done better editing in the past. I have improved, I think, this year.

The issue here is that there are 1,000's of posts and I don't have 1,000's of hours to go back and edit them. The old posts will have to stay for now.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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