In Loving Memory of My Dear Little Fran & Koochie

by Sandra
(Toronto, Canada)

Hello everyone, Thank you all again for the nice words and comments, I know that it came from your loving hearts. These were my three lovely birds, an Orange Winged Amazon named Sid, a cute Budgie named Koochie and a yellow Cockatiel with orange cheeks named Fran.
I'll like to share this special picture with you all in memory of my dear Fran and my dear Koochie. Many of you may remember that on the 15th of October 2012, you all commented on my dear little Koochie; unfortunately he died within seconds because he inhaled some Citronella oil that was mixed in water and placed under his cage to ward of Roaches.
Fran, was put to sleep on the 24th of January, 2013; she had a stroke and couldn't swallow anything and I couldn't see her starved until she shall dies.

Sid my parrot, is the only one that I have now and we are learning to cope everyday with the loss of Fran and Koochie; we are missing them so much. May their little souls rest in peace, God bless.

Mom from Toronto.

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Jan 28, 2013
In Loving Memory of My Dear Little Fran & Koochie
by: Linda

Thank you for writing again, and the picture is wonderful! I'm sure they loved being pulled in their wagon.

Some lessons are learned at the expense of our birds, and the Citronella story is one of the ways this can happen. None of the essential oils are safe for birds to smell the fumes for anyone reading this letter. There are safer ways to handle bug problems.

It is always heartbreaking to be found responsible for one of our pets' death, and we have all had this happen as we've moved through life learning more about our birds. My motto is to not let that particular thing happen again and to be very watchful about anything with fumes.

Thank you again for sharing with us, and we wish you many more happy years with your bird or birds when you add more.


Jan 28, 2013
R.I.P. Our hearts are with you...
by: Anonymous

It is about 7.50 am and I am here scrambling to get my little one to school but as I checked in I came across your posting and was so saddened by your loss. I am an owner of two wonderful parrots. I love them dearly and can only imagine a heart break of a parrot parent such as yourself. They are both in Bird heaven, not suffering, free from the things of this world. While they were here they experienced care, happiness and love from their HUMAN ANGEL and that was you. God Bless You, your parrot and family.

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