in what temprature do parrots feel hot

by ayush

i have 3 parrots at home.. i keep the in lobby... these days its really getting hot in here india.. its always more than 40*... i want to know that is it safe to keep them outside or should i keep them inside where air conditioner is available ?

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May 30, 2012
thank for reply
by: Anonymous

yeah thank you... i don't keep them in direct sunlight but i know they feel hot even they are living things that is why i was worried about them.. now i will keep them inside ..

May 29, 2012
in what temprature do parrots feel hot
by: Linda

Birds cannot tolerate high temperatures. If putting them into an air conditioned environment there are several things to know and take care of.

First, keep them away from all vents either in ceiling or floor. Being too close to vents will cause a draft which will give them pneumonia, and they will die.If using window air conditioning, keep the birds in another room and keep the temperature set to no colder than about 76F.

I am suggesting you keep inside temperatures warmer than most people tend to do. Here in the NorthEast US, our temperatures in the summer can climb to 100F. Our home is air conditioned, and we keep it at a steady 76F which seems too hot for some people, and it is healthy for our birds and us. Our birds have their own room, and their air conditioning vent is closed off entirely. The next closest vent is in the kitchen which is very close to their room and so they stay the correct temperature without any fear of drafting.In winter, we open their room vent so they get adequate heat, and we keep house at a steady 72F.

Birds will die outside in extreme heat and for sure in direct sunlight. Birds die of heat stroke just like a human would. So keep them inside and follow the instructions above to keep them from chilling and getting sick.

I hope this helps you and thanks for writing,

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