Inactive 4 week old budgie

by Josh

I have had my budgie for 1 week, and his/her (not able to tell yet) activity level is not very high. From what I have been informed, to get them trained and sociable with humans, I should not put any toys in the cage. Whilst I am away at work, I put on the television (childrens programs, as I have heard talking to them like babies works well).

At home I play with him lots, however despite becoming hand tame in less than 24 hours, he now does not seem interested in doing anything. He will sit on his perch forever, with an occasional chirp.

I let him out of his cage whenever I am around, however he will stay in his cage unless physically brought out, and then he will either just fly back into his cage and sit there again, or fly up to the ceiling light and sit there for hours until I physically have to get him down.

Is this just a case of him being young and missing being in the pet store with other young budgies? Is the fact that he is growing meaning that he is not as active as he will be later? Or does he hate me?!

P.S this is a budgerigar and not a normal Parakeet (sometime a confusion between UK and US)

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Sep 12, 2011
Inactive bird
by: The Avian Vet

This is not true at all. You need to give him toys to play with. Toys will not prevent him from becoming tame and social.

Inactivity is common behavior for new birds.

You will need to have his wings clipped to be able to handle him and keep him from flying away from you. He will be a better companion.

He does not hate you, but he does not know you. He will be come more active in time. He does miss his friends, but you have to be his friend now.

A budgie is a type of parakeet. Not all parakeets are budgies, but all budgies are parakeet.

Dr B

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