inactive parrotlet

by Marie Davis
(Great Barrington,MA)

I bought a Parrotlet about 3 months ago. He is about 1 year old. He sets in his cage all day and does nothing. He does not make any sounds nor does he play. I have tried new toys. I talk to him a lot and he also has a light on his cage. Can you help?

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Nov 15, 2009
Inactive Parrotelet
by: Anonymous

You need to handle him more - Get him out of the cage by hand - we say up up - or let him come out on a perch but definitely need to pet him - they love their heads rubbed. ours thinks he is a dog. Buy a little gym and hang safe toys from it -Be thankful he does not make noise - ours never STOPS - very spoiled Good luck

Apr 06, 2008
parrotlet problem
by: Anonymous

take him to an avian vet to see if he is ok. try toys he can tear up or somthing too.

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