Incompatibility among Ringnecks

Hello I have a male Ringneck parrot aged about 14-15 years. He has been with us like a dear family member since past 13 years. brought for him a spouse 3 year old female ringneck. she is sexually aggressive and wants courtship desperately. She goes under him wanting him to mount her but my male parrot seems to have no sexual desire. So she gets frustrated and pecks him badly. Is there any thing where we can arouse sexual interest in male parrot. No injections please. Thanks a lot. Please help.

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Dec 17, 2013
Incompatility among ringnecks (IRN)
by: Anonymously

Birds tend to sexually mature about age 3. By bringing home a female placing her in the same cage right away could cause problems. Esp if it's the same cage the male has lived in for 13 years. He may not be happy with it. My suggestion is get another cage big enough for both birds. So male has space to get away from her. Always have 2 feeder bowls 2 water bowls opposite sides this way birds won't prevent the other from eating reducing fights. The new bigger cage with both in it may reduce alpha status and lower aggression.

Personally I would keep both birds for first yr in seperate cages and let them socialize from their own space in the same room several feet apart. This will prevent the female from hurting him while her hormones are raging as she's just come into them. Make sure they both have plenty of toys.

After a yr move cages slowly closer together eventually but still keep them in their own. Never have cages more then 12 inches or so near each other let them slowly bond. Then if and when ready which is no garrantee try placing both in a 3 rd cage together but only when supervised see how they will react. If all goes well hooray!

If not then seperate into their own cages again and just few min each day try placing them in third. It's never a garrantee birds will ever like the other one esp with a huge age difference. Mating you birds will bring out natural instincts possibly causing them to be aggressive to you and the family esp if eggs are laid! Something to think about. I keep all my birds in seperate cages at all times and let them socialize that way. I like to keep them tame and social with humans.

Plus get male. He led by a vet make sure he's fit
Good luck hope this helps!

Dec 16, 2013
Ringneck breeding question
by: Tracie

Nothing can be suggested until the male has been checked by an avian vet. The bird could have a health issue that is causing his lack of interest.

You need to understand also, that some birds just don't want to be mates.

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