Incubation of conure eggs

by gustavo
(north bergen)

how long does it take for conure eggs to hatch?

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Feb 27, 2013
Incubation of conure eggs
by: Linda

Birds lay their eggs every other day, so they hatch in same order they were laid. If first egg laid has not hatched by 30 days and the others every other day after that the eggs are infertile and have to be thrown away. Infertile eggs are dangerous in that they become rotten just like if we leave chicken eggs out of the refrigerator. If bird breaks open one of these rotten eggs and eats contents, they can be poisoned to death.

You can check eggs yourself by carefully removing egg and shining a bright light behind it like with a small flashlight or candle. If you see a dark area in the egg, it is fertile. If you see nothing, egg is called "clear" and is infertile.

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