indian parakeet tending to sleep a lot

by Jan

Hi, My name is Jan and I live in Mauritius. My Indian Parakeet, Bonny is just over 4 years old. He is usually very chatty and active but recently he seems to be sleeping more than normal. He usually wakes up as soon as he hears us both get up but the past two mornings I have had to wake him.

He has been sleeping more through out the day with his head under his wing. He is eating as normal and at times singing and speaking but just not as much as normal. His stools are more loose than normal but the usual colour.

We don't have a good vet who specialises in Parakeets here in Mauritius so I would be grateful for any advice from you. In the meantime I am trying to find someone here who could help. Many thanks, Jan

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Nov 25, 2008
update on Bonny
by: Jan

Hi Tracy, Sadly the link for a vet is not appropriate for here as I am on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Our nearest Vet only treats dogs and cats sadly. But the good news is that Bonny was up as normal today and is singing, chatting and playing as usual. I did keep him on Pawpaw fruit along with the seeds all day yesterday and he seems back to his old self. I might keep him on Pawpaw and oats for a few days more. What do you think? Many thanks, Jan

Nov 24, 2008
Find an avian vet in your country
by: Tracie

Hello Jan,

A vet can not help you online, because your bird needs correct treatment right away. You don't have time to try this and that and be treating the wrong thing.

Below are some sites to look up an avian vet near you.

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