indian parrot

by saba
(dubai uae)

since the time i bought her its been a year now but she still the same size not growing, same baby like feathers her tail has not grown an inch i feel diet id good eats what ever is given but keeps bitting her nail all time, i bought her a mate 6 months back but no change is her behaviour tinking she is getting nored alone with nothing to do but she has still not stopped biting her nails. please reply,

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Jul 23, 2008
indian parrot nail biting
by: Anonymous

Does your parrot have a ring around it's neck , if so it's a male Indian Ring Neck parrot and needs to be with a female. Sometimes birds develope bad habits before and after pairing with another bird. Have you taken the bird to a good avian vet? They may have suggestions about diet and behavior. Good luck. I have parrot exoerience , but not with ring necks.

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