Indian red neck Parrot

by Muskan
(Canada ,Ont , Milton)

I need help on to make my parrot stop pooping on us and how we can find out how he feels because sometimes when he is on r back he poops and somtimes when we dont know he is angry he bites really hard that I start to bleed. and I need somthing to help him to be traind like when I call him he should come and giv a sign if he has to poo and how can I make him active. THX

Plz send at this email Bye!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 27, 2009
Indian Ring Neck?
by: Linda

First of all, if he acts like he feels bad, you must take him to a qualified Avian Vet in your area. Do this without waiting any longer. He could have an infection which will make him tired all the time and irritable enough to bite.

The second thing is that birds will not come when called like a dog, as they are not dogs. They will come to you when they want to be with you.He needs some time for rest. As for training him not to poop in certain places, this takes a training program, and there is some training information here on this site.

It sounds like you need to have him seen an Avian vet, not a regular dog and cat vet as they won't know what to do with a bird. So, find one in your area and take him in for tests to see if he has an infection. Before ANY type of training, he MUST be checked out by a vet.

Training birds is a lot of hard work for you and the bird, so if you think you are ready, check out some of the training offered on this site. This is AFTER he has gone to an Avian vet as it sounds like he may be sick. When they are sick with infections, they have no control over how often or where they poop, so he won't be able to learn if he is sick.

I'm going to send this to your email address as well, and please take him to vet, learn what you need to learn to train him. As for biting, all birds will bite as they are wild animals. If you are handling him too much, he can get tired, especially if he is sick, and then is more apt to bite.

You need to DO YOUR HOMEWORK on how to take care of a bird, the best foods to feed him which is a pelleted diet like Harrisons. Tracie has several types of organic food out here, and Harrisons is the one of the best.

So to recap, take bird to vet, learn what you need to learn about training after he is well, and feed him properly so he will have more energy after he is better. Make sure he has a nice cage with natural wood perches and safe toys. If you don't know about all that, get some reading materials either here or on the internet. Your vet will also be a good source as to what he needs to stay healthy.

You are expecting way more than he is able to give you right now. He is not a machine, he is a living, breathing, feeling creature who needs love and to be kept safe and taken to doctor when necessary.

Keep us posted on what your progress is.

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