indian redneck age and training

by tom

how to tell the age of an indian redneck parrot and at what age is it to old to tame a non hanled parrot

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Sep 27, 2009
Indian Ringneck Age
by: Linda

It is difficult to tell exact age of birds. An Avian Vet could help you with that after some bloodwork is done. A parrot is never too old to train unless they are very, very old and sick and so forth. If you are getting an Indian Ringneck, the first trip you make with it should be to an Avian Vet in your area to check him out to make sure he is healthy. Sick birds cannot be trained, and they will not get well without the help of an Avian Vet. The vet checks for infections, parasites and checks bird over carefully. They will usually do some bloodwork to see how the liver and kidneys are doing which will show any problems bird is having in those areas.This should be done once a year, and don't forget to have toenails and beaks trimmed to keep them from overgrowing.

If you are not familiar with parrots, reading some books and going online and doing a search for other people who have the Indian Ringnecks and chatting with them will also be helpful. Parrots need good nutrition, and they need to be eating a healthy pelleted diet like Harrison's which is organic and supplies the best nutrition. An all seed diet will cut years off a bird's life because in the wild, they eat a variety of foods not just seeds. Tracie carries the Harrisons out here, and also has some books you could look at.

Caging is important, and you will learn about them by reading and asking people. The biggest cage you can get with the appropriate bar spacing for your bird outfitted with natural wood perches and safe toys is something to learn about. Do all this learning before you get a bird as it will make both your lives much easier. If you go ahead and get your bird, then get your study materials and learn all you can about your bird and parrots in general. They are very smart and have the emotional/mental development of roughly a 4-5 year old child. They are a responsibility, and you need to approach this in a serious way as your bird will depend on you KNOWING everything you need to know.Learning about birds is a never-ending process, and we never know it all, so just keep wanting to learn, and your bird will teach you many things about what he needs and wants.

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