Indian Ring neck nodds its head, Eeeks alot and how do i wean her onto food? please help:)

by angela
(sydney australia)

My indian ringneck is 8 weeks old we got him/her 2 weeks ago we are still giving him/her the handraising mix 3-4 times a day...she was very quiet at first, but after a few days he/she 'eek eek eeks' alot we thought it was when she was hungry, or wanted attention but even after feeding or playing he/she still does it he/she also nodds her head alot, most of the time as well! .... does anyone know why she would be doing this??? and also when do i start weaning her? and how? shes not interested in seed or apple or grapes... please help! :)

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Jan 12, 2017
Male Indian ringnek parrot
by: Anonymous

Hi I need help whit my Indian ringnek parrot she's 6 years old and she doesn't want to eat and lose a lot of weight what can I do thank you

Editor's note: Find an avian vet for your bird, and if there is not one where you live then find a good bird breeder to help you.

Dec 15, 2014
Helping to eat
by: Danielle

A ring neck is like a baby, I have little boy. At times I put seed outside for other bird to eat and I let him watch. He is 8weeks old nou I only feed him in the morning and at night with the baby food. You get bird mix for them when they start eating on their on that you have to mix fruit and veggies inside. What I did first was buy n dog dish and fed him with n spoon but after 2minutes he got the tip and started eating on his own. These birds are very social creatures and want to be with you al the time. Maybe help him play in water. They love water mine showers with me already. Walks after me. And my 3 year old duaghter love him to bits the play well togther but he is still a baby and comunicates with you.

May 03, 2014
Baby indian ringneck not eating
by: Anonymous

My 3 month old baby ringneck only eats before bedtime. I've tried finding him through out the day but refuses to eat. Maybe just a little. Is that normal?

May 09, 2012
For the bird biting issue
by: Tracie

I suggest you read the training articles on our Parrot Training page for help with the biting.

If you have one person in the home that the bird does not attack, or rarely attacks, then THAT person is the one to help the bird stop biting everyone else. Please read the "Biting GC Conure" article on the parrot training page, because it tells you how my husband got our birds to stop attacking me.

May 09, 2012
thank you
by: angela

Thank you so much for replying:) what your saying about the 'mate' makes so much sence!!! i was also told by the breeder that my 'baby' indian ringneck was so attached to me that it didnt want to eat... he/she would rather be on my shoulder or lap than eat food... 'baby' was getting rather lethagic by this stage... thats what made me call the breeder :( anyway she said that i needed to remove baby from our common area so that 'baby' wouldnt see me ALL the time & learn to "Seperate" from me so i put 'baby's' cage in another room & she also said to feed 'baby' some fresh corn & then 'baby' would eat seeds! well i did this and to my disbelief IT WORKED!! and i now have a precious lil birdie... only problem i have now is that 'baby' has been biting me & others a bit lately & i dont kno how to correct this... PLEASE HELP!

Apr 27, 2012
Cuddle bug
by: Nik

I'm almost certain that the problem is that she doesn't just want to play *some* of the time, she wants to be out with you. Does she sqawk while she is out playing? If not, it is probably that she doesn't want to spend any time in her cage, and would rather be out with you, cuddling or just hanging out.

My bird does this as well, he is also a baby (about 16 weeks). He calms down when I bring his cage into the middle of the room I'm in, or if I take him out of his cage altogether. A lot of different kinds of parrots just thoroughly enjoy being the center of attention, and love to cuddle and be close to people. Keep in mind that in the wild, they choose a partner for life, and are CONSTANTLY with that partner, and that's what they expect out of their human "mate".

I hope these tips will help!

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