indian ring neck or a green cheek concure ?

Hi:) I've heard that indian ring necks can be aggressive and not really affectionate type of bird but are awesome talkers and then i've heard that the green cheek conure is super friendly and affectionate i don't know which to choose from as i have childern and heard that the indian ring neck bite alot and get hormon problems ??? please help :)

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Jan 02, 2013
Choosing the right bird
by: Anonymous

You are wise to ask questions and do some research before bringing a bird into your family.
All birds have the potential to be aggressive, hormonal and bitey at times. Some birds never learn to talk and some don't shut up. Some birds are also afraid of children (mine freaks out when the grandkids visit). Take the advice of the bloggers comments and visit a reputable breeder and get to know the different species. Also remember that all birds are noisy, messy and poop a lot. They live for a long time so be prepared to have a small child on your hands for 30 to 40 years. If you're not ready to make such a long committment, try a parakeet. They are small, not too noisy and easy to take care of.

Jan 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I happen to have both! First of all definitely get to know your breeder, visit the birds if you can a few times to see what stands out to you. Also know that my SUN CONURE can be loud but was properly trained and therefore, she only screams to greet me/us and when she only wants something, if you give them alot of attention, handle them alot they will be great cuddle birds, mine even learned to say a few words. Conures are CLOWNS! Go on you tube and watch the videos. My Indian Ringneck is a TALKER for sure and very friendly, I have a female and yes, she is nothing like my conure, she doesn't like too much on the petting side, but she will play with anyone! She is more interested in whats in your hand, or what you are eating, and so forth, so if you are seeking a talker this is a great one to get, if you are seeking all of the above, a sun conure but not all conures talk, mine can only say five or six words! Their personalities are awesome. She is also louder than my Indian Ringneck when she does scream! The two are awesome regardless.

Jan 02, 2013
Chossing the right bird for your family
by: Tracie

I am glad you wrote. :-) Many people purchase birds because they look so cool talking etc. and then find out they are LOUD, messy, not so easy to train and some end up biters.

I suggest you find a GREAT breeder that you can visit often with the kids. Get to know the breeder and let the breeder and birds get to know you.

This will allow you to see how loud, messy and nippy the various birds are and maybe have a bird pick you, meaning it likes you and wants to be with you. Make sure the breeder has an avian vet that sees his/her birds and insures they are healthy.

Regardless face the fact that birds need high quality pellets and avian vets and they are not cheap. Think 20 - 40 years down the road and decide if you want this bird, the mess, the noise and expense that long.

Will you like the bird even if it doesn't learn to talk? My mom purchased an African Grey and it only learned 2 words I think. It loved to mimic noises, but not talk. She was with the bird at all times accept when shopping in town.

You can use our parot comparison chart for some general information on birds and then click on the links to birds that interest you. Many of the bird pages have stories written by owners at the bottom of the pages.

Please read the health and training articles on our Parrot Training page if you decide to still purchase a bird.

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