Indian Ringneck biting

by Emma

i have a indian ringneck and i am trying to get some help with her biting and not letting me touch her just wandering if you have and suggestions please


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Sep 29, 2010
Ringneck biting
by: Cat

My suggestion is that u have to try and tame the bird with some gloves on pet it and tell your bird good bird over and over

Sep 29, 2010
Indian Ringneck biting
by: Linda

Emma, the Ringnecks do not like to be touched as much as some other birds, and also need to be trained before they will stop biting. The problem with handfed baby Ringnecks is that if they are not handled a lot during and after the handfeeding process, they revert back to the wild animals all parrots are and always will be and have to be re-tamed.

There are some training materials on this site you may wish to look at, and the internet is full of information about traininig. BEFORE any training can take place, your bird has to be examined by an Avian Vet to make sure bird is healthy enough for training. A sick bird cannot learn and does not feel well enough to be handled, so a trip to the Avian Vet is a must. We recommend yearly trips to Avian Vet to make sure all is well and to catch any infections before they become serious.

Diet is also a most important aspect of a having a healthy bird, and this consists of feeding high quality organic pellets and no more than 10-15% of organic fruit/veggies a few times a week. Here is an article written by an Avian Vet on how to go about the change which does take some time. Tracie carries several organic pellets here, and you need to feed organic to avoid pesticide/fertilizer residue, unhealthy dyes, preservatives and other harmful chemicals found in the cheaper, less nutritious pelleted diets:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Do not begin any new diet or training until bird has either received a clean bill of health from Avian Vet or has been treated for any infections or other physical problems. Also take your bird to an Avian Vet only as regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and will either do nothing and charge you for it or kill your bird and charge you even more for that.

Thanks for writing,

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