Indian Ringneck formula question

by Kellie

I have an indian ringneck his 9 weeks old.
and would like to know when to stop feeding him fomula?
he eats the pellets and veggies he doesnt really like fruit but hopefully starts eating it as he gets older.Every morning when he sees me he starts making loud noises i notice that he does it because he knows his getting fed and he bobs his head up and down.

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Nov 25, 2011
Indian Ringneck formula question
by: Linda

Continue to feed him once or twice a day until you see that he is eating the amount of pellets suggested on the package. Feed small amounts of veggies because organic pellets should be 80-85% of diet with veggies fed in small amounts several times a week. During weaning, he can have small amounts of veggies everyday, but make sure he is eating more pellets than veggies. Continue feeding him twice a day until he starts to lose interet in one of the meals. After that, you can feed him once a day unless he stops eating enough, then you'll have to go back to morning and evening feeds again. Weaning takes time, and all birds are different, so keep a close eye on how much food he's eating in a day, and wean him off the formula as a slow process. He equates love and warmth with the handfeeds, so make sure he is given the same amount of attention during the day whether he's being handfed or not. He is after all just a baby, so treat him like one.

The Indian Rinknecks are not much for fruit, and if you're weaning him onto one of the organic pellets found here like Harrison's or Roudybush, he does not need fruit at all. Make sure pellets are organic to avoid preservatives, and other poisons, dyes and sugar found in the cheaper brands of pellets. If you have just the one bird, you can feed him a high quality pellet so he grows up strong with less physical problems to deal with.

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