indian ringneck is inactive

by humaira

brought another indian ringneck to pair with the one i had a few months ago. but she is inactive and looks stiff. she just eats well and sleeps since i had her that's all i seen her do. she's just finished medication for a swollen liver. she doesn't make any noise other than growls at my male when he touches her food or when you make a sudden movement. she doesn't play with her or his toys, they are both open all day she sleeps and he doesn't stay still and i know that he is healthy as i have had him nearly 4 years. thank you for any help.

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Mar 24, 2015
IRN not acting well
by: Tracie

I wish there were an online test that everyone could do to diagnose their birds, but the only way to know what is wrong, is to have the bird checked out in person.

If you can't find an avian vet where you live, then call a reputable breeder and ask who they take their birds to when they are sick. Hope you find out what's wrong and have what you need to help her get well.

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