Indian Ringneck laid eggs but not nesting on them

by Teresa Butler
(Corpus Christi, Texas )

my Ringneck parrots laid eggs on May 2 & may4 but are not sitting on them. This their first batch of eggs I noticed one egg has a slight crack in it. They are first time parents. Do I need to put them on a warm heating pad since I don't have an incubator?

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May 26, 2015
Remover cracked egg
by: Tracie

First, remove the cracked egg, so they don't eat a rotten egg and get sick. Next, call a breeder in your area and make friends, so you will have the help you need if you are wanting to breed birds.

You don't need to put the egg on a heating pad, but that won't work. If the birds don't want to sit on the eggs, then just remove them.

Really and truly, DO get in touch with a reputable breeder in your area, and help them feed babies etc., and learn all you can before you "have" to know the stuff you don't yet know. (A reputable breeder takes their birds to an avian vet and has a clean healthy environment for their birds. They don't sell unweaned babies either, because they care if the birds live.)

Make sure your birds are eating high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush, so the hen doesn't become egg bound also. Switching Birds To Pellets article

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