indian ringneck parakeet gender

by frank
(fresno ca,usa)

how to tell the sex of the birds

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Nov 09, 2009
indian ringneck parakeet gender
by: Linda

Well, with the birds where both sexes look alike, it is very difficult to tell when they are young. Once they reach sexual maturity, a female may lay an egg or two. If you want to know now, you will need to take bird to an Avian Vet and have a little blood drawn for a DNA test. It is the only sure fire way to tell with the parrots who are colored and marked the same.

When the birds are sexually mature at a few years of age, you can sometimse tell from the width of the pelvic bones. In males, the bones are very close together almost like one bone. The hens will be wider apart--not a whole lot, but you can tell there is a space between the bones.

We had an Ariel Toucan years' ago we bought as a baby and named Julio. Well after about 5 years, we were feeling "his" pelvic bones only to find them spread pretty far apart. Boy, was that a shock. Julio had to become Julia, and she took right to the name. So with birds who look alike, it is almost impossible to tell when young. You will have to wait until sexual maturity and even then you'll need a male to judge width of pelvic bone differences. I'd just get a DNA test or just wait and be surprised. Name the bird something that can go either way for a boy or a girl, and it won't be such a shock. I'll always remember my Scralet Macaw, Sherlock, who at the age of 7-8 turned out to be a lady bird. I still call the bird Sherlock though I shortened it to Sherl for the bird's sake!!! So pick a name for either/or, and wait to be surprised later on.


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