Indian Ringneck Parrots babies die

by Georgina
(Tasmania , Australia)

My Indian Ringneck Parrot pair have been sitting 5 eggs - the parents are aobut 11 years old and have breeded successfully in the past - they both have a healthy diet. the eggs have started hatching - but the babies die straight away. I don't know why - they seem to be very healthy looking, good size etc - but are not surviving. Help?

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Oct 03, 2011
Parrot babies die
by: The Avian Vet

This could be caused by many things. Polyomavirus is my first guess. IT could be infection form the nest material infection passed by the parents, it could be dietary, or poor parenting. Temp and humidity may not be right. Te parents may not feel secure in their position and abandoning the babies. There could be many causes. Have the babies examined by autopsy and test the parents for chronic disease carrier states.

Dr B

Sep 25, 2011
Thanks..all under control!
by: Georgina

Thanks for your reply and pointed comments Linda. Yes - The parents have both been seen by a vet and are healthy birds. They have been a much loved pair of pets since they were 6 motnhs old - and have bred successfully in the past, as I mentioned - they have, for the last 7 years had all healthy and successful broods....with absolutely no intervention from me at any stage or of any kind.
I have since had some advice that the hen is probably just over rearing her own chicks - and may be at an age where she can't be bothered anymore....obviously I had no idea this was going to be the case this season........anyway - have managed to save one of the chicks, with two more eggs to hatch yet. It seems that the mother is just not feeding them. We are hand feeding the one we have and "chook" seems to be doing far...she is 3 days old now.

Sep 24, 2011
Indian Ringneck Parrots babies die
by: Linda

If you have not had the parents examined by an Avian Vet before breeding, they could be passing on infections to the babies. Babies have no immune systems with which to fight off any kind of infection either bacterial or viral, and simply die straight away.

The other problem could be parents either don't know how to feed or are just not doing it. You will need to learn how to handfeed baby parrots using baby parrot handfeeding formula(found here) using a syringe. If you don't already know how to do this, I can't understand why you're breeding birds. Handfeeding is a learned skill that has to be taught by an experienced feeder, so you'll need to learn with a breeder in your area.

Right now, take out the nestbox and forget breeding until you have had your birds examined for infections and learned how to handfeed baby parrots. What's the point in bringing babies into the world only to watch them die? Very heartbreaking for both you and parent birds.

Find an Avian Vet
Thanks for writing,

PS I'm not the Avian Vet, and they may have more to say on the matter. I've bred and fed all kinds of parrots for many years and do understand what kinds of things need to be done before and after and definately do not know everything there is to know about it.

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