indian ringneck scared and poop problems

by aysha
(sharjah uae)

i gave my indian ringneck apples and banana and it started having poop problems what do i do ? my indian ringneck is scared of me and doesn't trust me what can i do to gain her trust ? shes always in her cage because if i take her out she poops everywhere and doesn't let me to touch her
what do i do ?

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Jan 06, 2013
Advice from an INDIAN RINGNECK owner
by: Anonymous

Hi there!

Don't worry, although easier said than done! We have two parrots, one is a 1 1/2 year old Sun Conure who we have one year now and we recently got an Indian Ringneck (female) which is 7 months old today. When we got her, the owner explained that she was alone all of the time, he obviously had no time for her so he didn't name her not handle her EVER! Thats right, when we got her the IDEA of HUMAN contact was a NO NO for HER, two months later she is stepping up, NO PETTING THOUGH, we don't over power her with too many people and faces. We did a one to one contact, never showing too much hand, just a humble approach, down to her level, hands were for feeding her a treat, a fruit and giving her a toy since we noticed she liked toys. Little by little every day, we made the toy harder for her to get out of the hand where she would have to kind of put a foot on the hand to grab the toy, we did this with fruit or treat as well, she got so used to going on the hands that we started putting the fruit on the arm and she would climb up, take the fruit and go back. She came around within TWO MONTHS! She learned 5 new words a tune just by CONSISTENCY! Keep the ROUTINE, they watch everything and REMEMBER everything you DO! Don't give up and YES the some fruits will make the poop run, when this happens, stop THAT fruit and you will notice the poop normalize, then you will get to know what makes your parrot poop change. I noticed ours gets it with PEARS! DONT GIVE UP and DONT FORCE ANYTHING, be LOVINGLY TRICKY! Don't over power the parrot with too many people noise and movements when you do this worked for us! Give it a try!

Jan 04, 2013
scared IRN
by: Tracie

Fruit will cause poop to be more runny. Training your bird will take time. You will have to gain the bird's trust and spend time teaching the bird behaviors you wish for it to have.

You can read the health and training articles we have on our Parrot Training page for help with these things.

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