Indian Ringneck - Severe Feather Plucking

Hi, I have an indian ringneck parrot called Fatty. I am facing some serious problems with feather plucking and wondering if anyone has some ideas for me?

About June this year, my bird started plucking his feathers out. In one day he was completely bald (except his head). i took him to a bird specialist vet who did tests and concluded that this was due to a liver issues he had. He put Fatty on meds, and got this fixed up. We had to put a collar on him to stop him plucking more, and let the feathers grow back. He had the collar on for months, and I was making fortnightly visits to the vet. Every time we took the collar off he would be fine for a hour, then start plucking.

Unfortunately it came to the stage that the collar was causing scabs on his neck, and we could not put it back on. He has since plcuked out almost all his feather - and broken his tail feathers off at the base! He is slowly starting on his head and wings!

Both myself and the vet have tried many things, and I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Unfortunately I cannot aford to keep taking him to the vet, but I would love any ideas about what might help? Holestic things, behavious or even diet or physical? Any ideas would be GREAT!!!!

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Aug 31, 2012
Indian Ringneck - Severe Feather Plucking
by: Winter

Hi, You're not alone. My yellow Indian Ringneck has been doing this for years. We received him from a relative who could no longer take care of him and noticed that he had already started the habit of plucking. We were told by our vet that this is common in the Indian Ringneck species. Currently, he's slowly growing some of his feathers back, although we don't think he'll ever grow his tail feathers back - it's currently reduced to a stump from constant plucking.

Perhaps try adding a few more toys or vegetation in the cage, another vet suggested this as a cure for boredom, which may have instigated the plucking?

Dec 18, 2010
Ringneck parrot plucking
by: Tracie

Please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article on our parrot training page. It is written by an avian vet, maybe it will give you some ideas.

It is possible that your bird is in the habit of plucking and it is the habit it needs to break. Also, look online, or ask your vet, about the sock treatment. Some bird owners get a special sock made for plucking birds that they put on their birds instead of a collar.

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