indian ringneck with poo stuck, what may cause this?


My irn parrot appears to have poo stuck around her bottom regularly. She is fed fresh fruit and veges regularly, gets her cage cleaned every couple days and loves to have a shower under the hose. She used to belong to my mum and was always agressive and had this issue back then but her aggression subsided since she has been with me and she also has others of her kind to chat too here but has her own cage.
Please help me find what her problem is with this poop around her bottom.

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Jan 31, 2013
Bird on the road to recovery
by: Re:irn stuck poo

Hi linda Thanks for your response regarding my f irn but as for her diet she and other birds are very healthy generally but with the heavy rains and wind did not help her health. She was out the back and I believe that she may have picked up a virus but after I posted on the site we moved her cage to the patio and is now on the road to recovery. As for pellets she already has these in her diet and does not need the ones u advertise. I am a good pet owner and my birds are like family. Well cared for and loved

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Jan 31, 2013
indian ringneck with poo stuck, what may cause this?
by: Linda

The stuck poo means she has an infection, most likely a bacterial infection. These infections are highly contageous, so if she is in close proximity to the other birds, they may also be sick. Please have her examined and tested for both bacterial and viral infection. Take her to an Avian Vet ONLY as they are the only vets licensed and trained to care for, diagnose and treat birds. This type of bird does not need watery types of fruit and veggies as they originally lived in a dry environment. Too much fruit and veggie causes dietary problems of all kinds which may be the case here. All parrots need to be eating high quality organic pellets like Harrisons found here. It takes time to change from seeds to pellets, so write back for further instruction on making the change.

The longer you wait the sicker she will get. Also, if she is found to have infection, it is likely that one or more of your other birds also has same thing. Keep a close eye on them for symptoms like poop stuck to bottom, lack of energy or appetite or other changes in behavior. In fact you mentioned a sudden change in behavior when you got this bird, and sudden changes in behavior are the first signs of illness in birds.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say, and have them do a "throat swab" for bacterial infections because it is much more reliable than an anal swab for diagnosing type of bacteria.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

Jan 30, 2013
YOUR I.R.N. issues
by: Anonymous

I have an I.R.N. but only 8 months old... Never had this issue. Have you changed anything from your Mom's routine? Is the poo normal? How often does this happen? If your I.R.N. hasn't been to an AVIAN in a long while, you surely need to bring it to one and just have a really thorough check up. / I have a Sun Conure too, I know that sometimes mixing birds can mean sometimes lead to a health issue if one is sick. You really have to evaluate all that has happened different. Bring your bird to the AVIAN, separate your bird from the others or keep them distant and collect data about your routine. Give the doctor all the info u can an see what comes out of this. Good Luck with this.. hope it is nothing at all.

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