Indian Ringnecks eggs

by natasha
(macleay island )

hello my name is natasha and i am currently breeding indian ringnecks for the first time and i got a clutch of 5 eggs and three have hatched with two eggs remaining, i was wondering if there was a way of telling if they are fertile they are around 25days old i would like any information you can give me

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Sep 29, 2011
Indian Ringnecks eggs
by: Linda

Yes, you can do what is called "Candle the Eggs". This means carefully taking an egg out of nest and holding a bright light behind it, like a flashlight or a candle. If you see solid matter in the egg, it is fertile and should be put back into the nest. If you see nothing within the egg, then this is called "clear" and is not fertile and can be thrown into the trash before babies or Mother bird break it open and become poisoned.

With this large a clutch, you may be required to handfeed some of the babies, like the smaller younger ones. Hopefully you've already learned how to handfeed baby parrot formula using a syringe. If not, then you must learn from a breeder now in case you need to do this. It is a learned skill from mixing and heating the formula to actually feeding it. If you make a mistake in how hot food is or do not use the syringe correctly, you can kill the babies, so find a breeder and have them show you how to do this. Feed only an already prepared powdered formula so all you have to add is water as this will provide complete nutrition for babies until they are ready to wean. You can find it here if you can get it into your country. You can also ask an Avian Vet in your area if they carry it.

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