indian ringnecks poop purple

I recently got a lutino indian ringneck parrot. it is about 2 and a half months old. one day i was eating a plum, and it wanted to eat it too. so i gave it a piece and it ate it and liked it a lot. but now, i see that its poop is purple... the color of the plum. is this normal? im worried...

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Jul 29, 2013
Purple poop
by: Anonymous

If your pretty bird only poops purple after eating a plum you have nothing to worry about. Their digestive system is very small so undigested food often reflects the color of the food eaten. I often feed my bird red peppers which he loves. His poop is red for a time. Also when I feed him a piece of walnut it will be a touch of brown.

Keep an eye on his poops. It should return to normal.

Best to you and yoru indian ringneck!

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