Indigo spots on African Grey's Abdomen?

by Kalina

Our African Grey got a bath today, and while he was wet, we noticed some indigo colored spots tipping each feather on his abdomen. My dad has been around quite a few Greys, and he has never seen anything like it! Is this normal? Also, is it normal for him (the bird) to dip his food in his water? Just wondering. Thanks in advance!

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Apr 06, 2011
African Grey with indigo spots
by: Tracie

Wow, no the spots are not normal. Please post another question with a picture for us to see.

As far as dipping the food, unfortunately many birds like to do this. It is really best to have a Lixit water bottle instead of a dish, because the water has bacteria that can cause an infection after just a few hours.

Of course, with these food dipping birds, you also have to keep up with the water bottle tip getting stuck with food. But, at least they can't get the bacteria water and when you get home you can change it out.

Most birds do not try to dip food in a water bottle anyway. I ended up putting the water bottle on the opposite side of the cage from the food dish to keep one of my birds from dipping in the bottle.

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