indin ring necks picking thier chiks feather

by Nabs
(sunderland England)

i have a pair of yellow Indian ring neck parrot and they have two chicks 3 week old. yesterday, i have noticed that they have started feather picking their chicks.
please let me know why it is so and how can i further prevent it.

their is no dietary insufficiency as i am proving best possible diet (mix of fruit ,vegetables,seeds and vitamins)

regards NAbs

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Nov 20, 2011
indin ring necks picking thier chiks feather
by: Linda

Unfortunately, you're going to have to remove babies from the parents and hand raise them or give them to someone who knows how to feed them. This is why we ask people to learn all they need to know BEFORE breeding because these things happen and then the babies die because people have not prepared themselves for things like this.

The babies have to be eating baby parrot formula fed with a syringe, and this is a learned skill. Please find some breeders in your local area to help you with this because the parents will kill the babies shortly, so they must be removed to save their lives.

Find a parrot breeder to take your babies and do not use this pair ever again for breeding. Make sure you tell anyone buying them they are not good parents so they don't suffer through what you are in the middle of right now. Get the babies either to a breeder so they can feed them or to an Avian Vet's office so they can take them in.

What I am saying is to find someone to take these babies immediately before they die either from parents killing them or from starvation because you have not learned how to handfeed and care for baby birds. If you are lucky enough to find such people GIVE your birds to them and forget about charging any money. The object here is to save babies' lives not make you extra money.


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