Inheritance? How to bond?

by Sara
(Bartow, Fl.)

I recently inherited an 8 year old, crusty headed parrot. She was a happy, healthy and outgoing bird until my Uncles passing a year ago. Since then, I've tried to bond with her & reassure her. However, she still acts nervous and very shy. She still stares out the window from dawn to dusk, & cries any time a truck like the one my Uncle had, passes by.

What are some things I can do to develop a bond, without being too pushy or traumatic? It breaks my heart to see her so visibly sad. Any advise will be appreciated.
Thank you, Sara

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Nov 01, 2009
Inheritance? How to bond?
by: Linda

Sara, this brings tears to my eyes because she is grieving the loss of her friend. Parrots' grieving periods are different for each bird. If she had been with him a long time, it will take longer. All you can do at this point is to BE THERE for her. Take her out of her cage and talk with her and give her reassurance she is safe. Also, make sure she is eating good and not losing weight. You need to take her to an Avian Vet immediately because her immune system is taxed now, and she may very well be harboring an infection.

Take her to an Avian Vet in your area and tell him all about her history, is she eating, what kind of cage she has and about diet. She needs to be on a high quality organic pelleted diet like Harrison's, and you may wish to wait a while on trying to change her over. Just make sure she IS EATING. If she stops eating at any point, she will die without intervention on your part. This would require buying some baby parrot handfeeding formula which Tracie has out here. You'd have to feed her 3-4 times a day with a syringe appropriate to her size. Your vet can tell you what size syringe and how many times a day to feed. He'll probably give you one. Watch her carefully. If she has any favorite foods you know of, make sure you offer those, but not in excess. Going off her feed is dangerous, so please have vet weigh her and see if she is within normal range.

The bonding and trust will come in time, so do not be concerned at this point. BE CONCERNED ABOUT HER PHYSICAL HEALTH RIGHT NOW AND DON'T WAIT TO TAKE HER TO THE AVIAN VET. Parrots have been known to grieve themselves to death if their new people are not aware of this as a potential problem.

God Bless You, and keep us posted on her progress. Sounds like you love her, and that is 99.9% of gaining her trust when she is ready.


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