Injured foot

by Kathleen
(Gainesville, Fl)

I closed my baby's (Timneh Grey)toe in a drawer this morning. I'm not sure it's broken, she has full grip but it's at a slight angle. She's favoring it a little and I have two toes taped together just in case. She is able to put her whole weight on the foot, has taken a nap with the good foot tucked. The hurt foot is no longer "hot" nor does it appear to be swollen. She's eating and drinking fine. Should I do anything else? My avian vet is gone until Monday...

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Dec 03, 2009
Injured foot
by: Linda

As THE VET said, you will need to take bird into your vet as soon as you can for xrays to see if foot is broken and/or what.

A bird cannot just be left without any medical support when something like this happens, and as Dr. B said, see if you can get into see another Avian vet in your area. Bird really needs to be seen by vet well before Monday as that is a long time in a case like this.

Hope you are able to take him in and thanks for writing.


Dec 03, 2009
African grey injured foot
by: The Vet

First, take the tape off. Bandages for fractures often do more harm than good. Keep her confined to her cage. She is going to need x-rays and pain medication. Is there no other veterinarian that can see her before Monday? If so, go sooner.

Dr B

Dec 02, 2009
injured foot
by: Hillary

My Amazon has a broken toe from years ago, can't say how it happened but she has a funky nail and a short toe. Not a hindrance in the least. She doesn't fly, either, at all, never ever, but she is a happy sassy bird. Think about all the dangers they face in a natural environment and I figure they get injured much less in cages or by drawers closing than in the jungle, yet they keep going. She has a weird habit of folding the wrong wing feathers over top. Such characters.

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