Injured Lorikeet - What to do to help it back to health

by Jareth
(Gladstone, Queensland, Australia)

Hello, We found a lorikeet that seems to have been attacked by something. Its missing feathers from its neck area down around to its chest (not all feathers). I can see woulds on the neck area, like grazes. Its got a good grip with both its feet, the legs dont appear to be broken. I can extend both of its wings out, but it hasnt tried to spread them itself.

It has real trouble moving around, it used its beak to try pull itself around. Once it sits in a spot it doesnt move. Due to the neck injury it rests its head on the ground. If i try to put my hand near it, it will lift its head up and squark continuously. Its bite doesnt seem hard when it latches onto my finger.

It has a dark red colouring around its pupils in both eyes. It can shut its eyes, and the pupils still react to light. When its resting if its eyes arnt fully shut they are half closed. I've had it for a day and it hasnt eaten or drank anything. i dont know how long its been in this condition for other than since i've had it. I fear it may be malnurished now due to lack of food, and perhaps is adding to the fatigue its suffering.

I've got it in a cardboard box with a light resting on the out side of the box to provide some heat. I've put water and an assortment of fruit which i''ve cut up into small pieces. I've put it in a quiet place and keep the box covered to keep it calm. When the pet shop opens monday im going to buy it some nectar mix in the hopes it will like this better.

I tried giving it some egg and sugar mixed together which i read you could do, but it spilt some of it on itself, i havnt tried to wash it off, as i was unsure weather this would make the bird to cold in its current condition. I've put no anticeptic on its wounds. I read you can buy anticeptic powder which you can mix into its water, which i plan to buy from the pet store monday as well.

What food and medical attention should i provide to better care for this bird. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 28, 2012
Injured lory found
by: Tracie

I don't know how things work in Australia, but here in the US there are wildlife rehabilitators that we can take birds to when we find injured birds. They have the experience and relationships with avian vets to get the care the birds need. I suggest you look into this where you live.

Please Find an Avian Vet in your area, and ask them if they know of a wildlife person that can help, if not then you need to take the bird to the avian vet yourself right away.

Wild birds can carry diseases that will kill your other birds and can even infect you. Please make sure you wash your hands and take off your clothing after handling the bird. Keep those clothes in a bag and change into them when you go into the bird room so you don't infect the rest of your home.

Bless you for trying to help this bird. I hope you find a wildlife expert to take over soon.

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