Injured Parrot Help serious!!

by Kassandra

Hello yesterday in the afternoon i found a parrot well i think there called 28s, on the side of the rode outside my house after i had been on a walk it couldnt move at all so i grabbed a towel and picked it up and found blood on the floor aswell, i took it to my backyard and checked it out and found one of its legs were broken and it couldnt fly either so im thinking it broke both of its wings, and blood coming out of its noise every time it breaths out, i felt so sorry for it that i rang a vet near me and it had shut as i found the bird late in afternoon, and the poor thing couldnt even move it would drag its body by clinging on the grass and pulling itself and it would just lay on its stomach, in the mean time i feed it water with a needle and put some bird food in a bowl and it ate some food hardly any. Then i set up one of my empty bird cages with soft wood chips on the bottom and water and food for the night i just hope it has survied. What can i do in meantime and do you think it can survie with these bad injuries??

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Jul 19, 2012
from Perth
by: Anonymous

28's are surprisingly hardy birds with a lot of will to live. All you can do is keep doing everything you are doing now... There are wildlife rehabs around but it's most likely they'll put the bird to sleep if the extent of the injuries is too severe. Drinking & eating, even if it's not much is a good start. If the bird didn't die over night then just keep going with it, keep it warm & hope for the best...

Good luck.

Jul 19, 2012
Injured parrot bleeding
by: Tracie

I am sorry to say that it is doubtful it will live, but who knows? It needs to be seen right away by an avian vet.

If you can find a wildlife rehabilitator, that would be the best thing. They specialize in helping injured animals and have a working relationship with vets and might can get help right away.

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