injured parrot

by majid
(toronto, canada)

my african grey parrot bit off almost the whole upper beak of my little quaker and he was bleeding:( i got very scared and rushed him to a vet i wonder if hes going to survive im very worried and feel very guilty.. does anybody know wether the beak will grow back? and if so how long would it take? ive kept the missing part of the beak do u know if they will be able to reattach it? ill appreciate your answers and plz wish us luck :(

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Jan 25, 2010
thanks :)
by: Anonymous

thanks to all your prayers my bird is feeling alot better now and we just brought him home a couple of days ago and weve been able to feed him.. its a little tricky but im just happy that hes back and hes able to eat once again thank you all for your great comments... wish you all the best :)

Jan 20, 2010
anything can happen!
by: hillary

So true! Someone mentioned a piece of string that got wrapped around a toe-and almost lost the toe. My old amazon has a half toe missing from string. It happened to a keet I had who was just playing with her hanging toys and got caught up-

And man it hurts when they bite you while you are trying to help them-

When you have one and you get addicted you buy more birds and you just have to monitor them. I make myself have just one bird every day, just for fear of one getting hurt.

Anne is screaming, I have to go sing to her. Good luck!

Jan 20, 2010
by: majid

Hi Linda thanks for the great advice.. im really glad to have found this site.. yesterday i went to this site which i normally go to chat and when i explained what happened to my bird most of them found it to be funny for a bird to be missing a beak and it really hurt me to see how cruel some people can be... but when i found this site and read all the wonderful comments and wishing wells people had to say in this site and similar sites i gained alot of hope...its funny how sometimes we dont appreciate the healthy being of our little pets until something goes wrong.. i hope this never happens to any other bird cause its just sad to see... btw i called the vet just now and she said the little guy(quaker) has been eating a little food and the bleeding has stopped thanks to all your prayers i will keep you guys up to date... once again thanks

Jan 20, 2010
injured parrot
by: Linda

Not sure about beak growing back. It may if it was not pulled completely out of its bed. It also may not. The other danger here is shock, and it is a biggy. Shock takes many lives as it sets in shortly after a violent episode like this one.

I know you feel very bad about this, and your questions about reattaching beak and such need to be directed to your Avian Vet. If bird does survive, you may also have to speak to whether bird will be able to eat or not.

For everyone reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE NEVER ALLOW YOUR PARROTS OUT TOGETHER WITHOUT CONSTANT SUPERVISION. Larger birds with smaller birds can sometimes end up in violent situations like this one. In fact, even birds of the same size can get into a squabble over a toy or food and hurt the othr bird or both birds can be hurt. If you are going to allow your birds out at the same time, ALWAYS, WATCH THEM EVERY MINUTE. If you are too busy for this, then leave them in their cages. I say leave them in cages because I let a bird out by herself one time, and she flew on top of a Ringneck parakeets cage. The Ringneck almost took her toes off before I could get her off the cage top. Accidents and attacks happen very fast, and if you're not right there to break it up, one of the birds will be badly hurt or killed. The Amazon who was attacked just needed some Betadine on her cut toes and healed up nicely. If, however, I had been out of the room, she could have lost one or more toes and bled out before I even knew what was happening.

Birds are like little children in that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, so always keep a close eye on them when out of cage.

Let us know about your bird and how everything is going. We all wish you the very best and pray your bird fully recovers from this ordeal.


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