injured quail

by Cassie
(Capitola, CA, USA)

one of my quails flew into the wall when i was cleaning their cage and now shes lethargic and my parents refuse to pay for a vet visit but im very worried about her

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Aug 18, 2015
injured quail
by: Sandra D Singh

Cassie, I'm very sorry for what you're going through at the moment. I do understand that your hands are tied as you're dependant on your parents but I'll pray that God helps your quail to feel better and helps you with your broken heart.

My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine how your parents will see that your pet is suffering and "refused" to take it to the vet. It seems as they really don't care about your feelings either; I'm very sorry to say this to you.

I want your parents to know that if someone is sick they need a doctor and that includes all animals.

Cassie, you're a truly blessed child; the Lord has given you the most wonderful heart, full of love and compassion whereas your parents have none whatsoever.

I've already prayed for your pet and you and tonight I'll surely remember you both in my prayer. Do follow Tracie's advice as best as you can. Take care of yourself and always know that you're loved and blessed from heaven!!!!

Best of luck and God bless!!!!!

Aug 18, 2015
Bird flew into wall
by: Tracie

Unfortunately there isn't anything that can be suggested, because there isn't a way to know what the injuries are without an exam.

Keep the bird in a cage with low perches, if it can perch. (food and water low with the perches) If it can't perch, then provide a towel on the bottom and change it often. You might cover the cage on the top and 3 sides, to keep out drafts and to help the bird stay warm.

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