injuried foot

by Angela Honish
(St. Clair Pa)

I have a lovebird last nite he got his id on his leg cought on a stick from a hanging treat he was hang upsidedown for a little and trying to get it out. it took me a bit to get him and the treat stick out of cage. know his claw isnt closing do you think it is just soar and something serius. he is flying around the cage and trying to climb

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Jul 01, 2012
broken leg
by: melissa

my mini macaw got her leg stuck in her her cage door..took her to the vet and the leg was broke had the leg x-rayed.they told me that they didnt want to put it in a splint..they said to keep her in a small pet carrier so she didnt climb.feel bad that she has to be in a small pet carrier for 2 weeks.and yes she was banded.i had them take the band off ,thats what caused her to brake her leg.they said it would take up to 2 months for it to heal.i just feel helpless keeping her in that small of a pet carrier

Jun 28, 2012
injuried foot
by: Linda

While at the avian vet's have them remove the awful band on leg. These bands are not supposed to be left on bird's legs because they can cause severe injuries. In this case, the bird's struggles may have broken a bone, so have an xray done to see for sure.

For anyone reading this, please have Avian Vet remove leg bands as soon as possible because they can literally be the death of a bird.

Breeders use them for identification while breeding is taking place. After that, they are just a danger to the birds. In the old days, quarantine stations put metal bands on bird's legs, and those have to be removed by an Avian Vet with a set of bolt cutters. Get the bands off legs before this kind of thing happens and it will. Keep all paperwork to showing ownership and where bird was purchased is all that needs to be done.


Jun 28, 2012
Bird with injured foot
by: Tracie

It is impossible to know without an avian vet examining the bird and possibly doing x-rays. Your bird may have hurt something inside where the leg attaches to the body, may have a broken bone or just sprained something.

I suggest that you use this Find an Avian Vet link if you don't already have an avian vet, and get your bird to an avian vet. If you don't see one listed in your area, then click the link at the top of the page and do a search for one in your area. (Don't go to a dog/cat vet)

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