Insecticide for Bed Bugs and Parrot

I used Diatomaceous Earth yesterday still Bed Bugs today
Exterminators haven't agreed to treat because bugs are still too small to be seen, those that have agreed use
both stable, looking for treatment that breaks down, is safe for the parrot
cringe at MSDS need EPA #s?
we've been itchy for 10 days, few sneezes at night
of course concentration, weight last 450 grams
what do I do with his perch, mew, toys, ect if treated and today?
eliminate bugs yes - are parrots ever treated to remove them directly?

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Oct 14, 2013
Treating bed bugs with parrots in home
by: The Avian Vet

Birds are not treated directly.
Diatomaceous earth is only minimally effective. Your house needs to be tented and sprayed. Contact a professional exterminator and you will need to remove your bird from the home for several days.
Dr B

Oct 11, 2013
Insecticide for Bed Bugs and Parrot
by: Linda

The insecticide is highly toxic for your birds. Birds have to be removed from the premises when any kind of bug eradication is taking place. Also, they all have to be examined by an Avian Vet ONLY to see at what levels the toxins are in their bloodstreams and to get something to rid them of bed bugs that are still raising on them.

Do not wait to have birds examined by Avian Vet and tell them that you left your birds in house while it was being fumigated because they may not make it if you don't hurry and get them in. Never, ever believe anyone who tells you that any kind of poison used around birds is safe because they are lying. Not just stretching the truth a bit, just downright lying.I don't care what the EPA says or what anyone says--poison is poison any way you look at it.

Let us know what the Avian Vet does to help your birds and how everything works out. If you don't lose your birds, you will be very lucky.


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