Instinct Injured Goffin Cockatoo

by Jenny
(Platteville Wisconsin)

Instinct injured goffin cockatoo. We recently rescues a five year old named Corella Bella who was seriously emotionally neglected and ignored. We have an indoor aviary. She has been with us for 3 months and feather plucking has increased. We recently adopted a very emotionally stable umbrella too with great coping skills. Does my goffin have hope of finding peace? Has anyone tried benzodiazepenes. It looks like her brain is damaged by the emotional trauma as she gets stuck in repetitive behaviors. Doesnt respond to loving voice touch on a conistent basis. Often come here and go away signals are given. we are so sad and frusteratd.

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Jan 19, 2013
Goffin Cockatoo
by: Anonymous

I also rescued an abused Goffin Cockatoo.
He was a “MESS” at first. We couldn't even FEED him without being bitten! I finally had to FORCE him to be pet by me! Unfortunately, the petting also included MANY bites–
I used thick oven mitts to grab and hold him (including holding his head so he would let me pet him). I would pet him gently and talk to him -every day.
It took months before "Danny" trusted me enough to let me pet him(still using protection). I started to find areas that he really liked(under his wings,around his neck,etc.)
After I gained his trust,I would LOUDLY say “NO!” if he bit me. I would actually hold his beak(gently press against him)holding his head carefully when I loudly said “NO!” Then I would move my finger away(no words)and begin petting again. Some people say to put the bird back in the cage if it bites. I think this teaches the bird to bite when he wants to be alone and your bird might opt for that choice, as he doesn’t know what it is like to be petted and loved.
Danny is wonderful now. He"preens" me and gives me kisses-(yes-I trust him enough to believe that I will still have an upper lip)but animals can be unpredictable(they might be sick,in pain,etc.)so they could react unexpectedly. The next time I write,I might be writing as the "lip-less" bird owner! Feather-plucking can be a sign of boredom -but it can also be a need.Your bird may have NEVER been held or petted. Think of it as a toddler child who has never been hugged or held. They would be scared of you,try to get away,kick, bite,whatever..
I'm convinced that this bird will come around at some point--and you will see the REAL personality that has been stifled inside this poor creature.
My "Danny" is very funny(NOW). He dances to the opening song in “Two and A Half Men”, and says “Nighty-Night” when he wants to go to bed(or when he wants everyone ELSE to go to bed).
I love my Cockatto and I am glad that I didn’t give him up the many times that he bit me or I complained about his mess. Did I mention that he throws his food at my dogs?
He also has his quirky ways that I had to learn "the hard way"...For instance ~BEWARE if you lift an object next to your face that he might be “angry” at...Like ~ the soda can...
Danny will agressively try to attack the soda can. And in the process,he might also bite you! YOU BOTH BECOME ONE.
But Danny is usually sweet,funny,and VERY,VERY, smart. When I ask him if he “Loves Mommy”,he will nod his head up and down for “yes”.
In closing, there IS hope for your bird. = )
P.S. I also taught “Danny” how to nod his head from side-to-side when I ask if he loves “Daddy”…

Sep 25, 2012
goffin cockatoo
by: Anonymous

With time and patience both of your cockatoos will heal. Have you had them both for an avian vet check recently?

Make sure they have lots of toys, good food, lots of time out of their cages and especially love!!

Talk to them in a soothing voice and offer treats. Give them foraging toys to play with and maybe some soft music on the tv or radio. My goffins and citron watch cartoons every morning. I also have a neglected goffin that I rescued and it took me 6 years for him to settle down and let me touch him but I never gave up. He is now a very happy and healthy little boy and I love him dearly. I didn't push myself on him, I just let him do his own thing and talked to him, offered him treats and he watched me interact with my other birds. I guess one day he figured he would try it and now he absolutely loves to be kissed on his little cheek and snuggled. He chatters when I hug him. Good luck with both of your Toos and never give up. Alot of people don't realize how much trauma it causes for these poor birds when they are neglected and passed from home to home. I don't know what my life would be like without my babies.

Sep 25, 2012
Instinct Injured Goffin Cockatoo
by: Linda

Drugs and birds do not mix very well, so I say no on the one you mentioned. You have to have her examined by a licensed and trained Avian Vet in your area and see what they can come up with. Unfortunately, neglected and/or abused birds become mentally ill. Your bird could have something wrong in the nervous system, so until you have a comprehensive exam by an Avian Vet you cannot do anything. Give her NO over the counter drugs especially those found in pet stores. Drugs for birds in pet stores need to be made illegal because they do much more harm than good.Pet store employees can't help you either or they would be avian vets instead of pet store employees.

Have her examined by avian vet including some basic bloodwork to see how organs are functioning or whether she has problems with organs. If she is eating an all seed diet, then she is slowly dying of malnutrition which can contribute to a world of problems. Your birds need to be eating organic pellets as 80-85% of diet with a few fruit and veggies making up the rest. This means fruit and veggies in small portions a few times a week with the organic pellets being the mainstay of the diet. NO human food at all because the things we eat are full of fat, salt, sugar and preservatives all bad for birds. Harrison's is the best organic pellet and endorsed by avian vets everywhere in the US. Below is link on how to go about changing from seeds or junk pellets, i.e. Zupreem or Lafaebers and has to be done gradually as instructions point out.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Make no changes until your birds have been throughly examined by an avian vet.

The little Goffin's is in serious trouble and whether avian vet can help is yet to be seen. Resort to drugs as a last resort and not a first one. Doctors of all kinds think there is a pill for everything, and there is not. Sometimes, it takes patience, high quality diets and loving, kind people to help these damaged birds. Sometimes they never come around, but in this case, things should get better to some degree or other.

Whatever you do, do not re-home this bird because the next family may not care enough to ask the right questions, and the rest of her life will be lived in chronic lonliness and misery. All these rescue birds have problems and have had them for a long time. In most cases, they have been moved from home to home with people never carng enough to try and get to the bottom of problems. YOU are all she has, so don't give up on her, and you may just see a miracle or two. You've not had her very long, and her problems took a long time to get this bad, so help her as much as you can. Try and stay away from drugs because they damage their kidneys and livers as birds were never meant to be on drugs permanently. Keep us posted and may your little bird be blessed with good health in time.


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