Introducing 2 African greys

by Karen

I have just got a new baby she is 5 months old and was in the cage with another baby when we bought her, my other bird is 8 years old and when they were both out together palo went to bite the new one on her back. How do you know if this is just beaking or it's serious, obviously we stopped Pablo from biting her but this has happened twice now .mtheynare never left un attended.. My new baby just wants to be beside Pablo as this is what she is used to but palo doesn't seem to be interested .

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Jan 16, 2012
Introducing 2 African greys
by: Linda

You are doing all you can as for the introductions. The older bird will either like the new bird or not, and you cannot make him like new bird if he does not want to. This could be related to jealousy on the part of your older bird with the newer one. Make sure both get same amount of attention, and keep them separated meaning not out of cage together. Birds can attack and kill other birds with or without provocation, so if you turn your back even for a second, it may be enough time for the older bird to severely injure the new baby parrot. Injuries, like illness, has to be treated by an Avian Vet.

Allow them outside cage separately. Make sure wings on both birds are clipped to prevent one flying on top of the others' cage. An Avian Vet will need to clip the wings and show you how to do it correctly. It takes two people to clip a bird's wings--one to hold and one to clip. If you have no one to help you, take them to the Avian Vet for clipping. Have them clip ONLY the 4-6 Primary flight feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Do not allow them to clip up any higher because this causes chronic pain and cripples the birds.

Clipping the wings makes sure birds are easier to handle during this getting to know each other time plus it will keep either one from flying into walls, windows and other dangerous household objects. It will also keep them from flying away from you out an open door. Once birds are outside, they very rarely come back, so clipping wings keeps them where they are safe.


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