Introducing a new budgie to a female who lost her mate a moth ago

by Chanty
(New York, NY, USA)

In mid November, I wrote asking what to do about my male budgie who was sick. You advised me to take him to an avian vet. Sadly, he died before I could do so. I took his mate to the vet and she advised me that the female seemed to be in good health but gave me an oral antibiotic as a precaution. The female has seemed sad but in good health. She has just begun to return to her normally active life.

I was gifted another female last week. Female #1` has been trying to get the attention of the new bird but the new bird has pretty much ignored bird #1. Is that normal? The pet store has a 7-day return policy and I'm afraid this new bird may not be a good match for the first bird. I hate to return her but she has done nothing but sit quietly with only a few chirps per day.

When bird #1 met her late mate, they both took to one another immediately and seemed overjoyed to have a new friend. This is not the case this time around.

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Dec 28, 2011
How long does adjustment usually take?
by: Chanty

Thank you for your prompt response. I hope time will improve the situation. I will take budgie No.2 (India) to the vet as you suggest.

How long does the adjustment period usually last? I guess I was lucky the first time. Lulu was a lost bird that I found in the park and her mate Sunshine was an adoptee who was given up by people who did not want him. It was love at first sight when they met.

Lulu (budgie No. 1) was beginning to relate more to me after her mates death. She was starting to talk to me and be active again. It seems like everything is going backwards since India has arrived. They are both becoming more silent as each day passes.

I have been talking to both birds and I had taken 4 days off from work to be with them. I live alone and my home is very quiet. There are no
other pets.

Thank you again for your valluable advice.

Editor's note: Adjustment time varies from bird to bird.

Dec 28, 2011
Intro new budgie
by: Anonymous

Your new bird is simply scared. 7 days isnt going to be enough time for the new bird to relax and open up. Take the new bird to the vet, make sure it's in good health before any formal introductions are done to prevent spread of illness. Never know at pet shops what you're gonna get. SO if #1 is healthly, make sure #2 is as well. Dont want #1 catching birdie cooties from #2.

New bird, just needs time to take in her new surroundings. Learning the human patterns, noises, smells. A new owner and home is stressful for any bird. Keep an eye on the new bird, make sure she's eating during the adjustment period. (you'll know by her droppings at the bottom of her cage if she's eating)

I wouldnt suggest giving up on your bird just yet. She needs time to settle in. Take in all the new stuff.

Try interacting with her, this will help her open up. Dont ever push or force it... offer the interaction. Even if you're just sitting there, talking to it. Read aloud or sing. your voice will help soothe her.

I hope this helps. Sorry your other bird passed away. Sad day for all us bird lovers. Good luck and health to your new addition!

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