introducing female green cheeks to males

by robin
(beaver falls pa.)

I have two 8 month old green cheek conures, will it be safe to add two year old females in with them? the breeder is my step sister so I'm not worried about a quarantine time she gets wellness check ups at the vets every 3 months-- I know their very healthy. When I had my cockatiels they was put immediately in together, and never once had a fight. conures are flock birds too, so is it safe?

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Jun 17, 2011
Adding new conures to cage with conures
by: Tracie

All I can share is my experience. I added a new conure shortly after I got my first conure. They had grown up in the same room, with their cages next to each other. They had to "know" each other since they were both being hand fed by the breeder, but they were not related.

When we let them out together, they ran at each other to tear each other apart. It took bit to get them to like each other. Even after living together, I had to put a separate food dish and water bottle on the opposite side of the large cage from the original dish and water bottle or one of the birds would not have been able to eat or drink. Widget would boss Buddie to do whatever she wanted on a daily basis.

Here is my story:

Should I get another Green Cheek Conure?

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