by Maria Morales
(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Hi there,

We have a 1 1/2 month old Sun Conure female her name is"Skittles" (11 inches long), we have her now over 1 year. Very happy, tamed and funny friendly bird, she nips sometimes but never attacks just playfully hangs on. She is a cuddly bird too.

We recently got a 6 month old Indian Ring neck female IVY she is (13 inches long). We have her 1 month and 1 week to be exact from this posting date. IVY is a very calm, content bird, steps up looks for attention, quiet for a parrot, but mimics a few words here and there and is a NON BITER. She is a gentle parrot. Physically stronger and larger than Skittles.

Their cages are side by side, they show no aggression at all, as a matter of fact when one leaves with me on the shoulder the other calls out. I don't have them out at the same time in fear of an attack of some kind.

How do you even put two parrots of that size together to see how they would get along. I am afraid of even introducing them or having them outside of their cage at the same time. Is it too soon? How does one even go about introducing Parrots. An attack can happen suddenly and out of no where! I just don't know how to do it. I also feel that even if they did get along, I wouldn't put them in the same cages. I'd rather do visits and friendly share time than to take their little comfort spaces away from them. Ivy is soo much bigger next to Skittles.

P.S. The picture I am sharing is of our 6 month old IVY (Indian ringneck)

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Nov 26, 2012
by: Linda

I highly recommend you do not put them together ever. When birds are not only different species but also different sizes there will be problems. If you let them out of cage together and are right there to keep an eye on them, this is the time for them to play. Hopefully you have either playtops on cages or perches or trees for them to play in. It will be okay to allow them to play together, and keep in mind, you will always have to be right there with them in case of any fighting. The Indian Ringneck will tend to be aggressive, and the Conure can also be aggressive, so watch them.

As both these birds age and approach sexual maturity which will be by age two or three, you are likely to see some real aggression displayed which is why I suggest you keep them in their own cages for all time. Birds change from the cuddly babies into a more real depiction of their wild counterparts as they grow toward and into sexual maturity. This sometimes changes them a bit or a lot, and it depends on how much of a bond you have established with them. There is no need to breed either one because then you really do lose your pets. Breeding pairs become very aggressive and stop wanting to be handled much if at all.

So, you have a nice little birdy family now, and continue to love and care for both of them just keep them in separate cages from now on.

Thanks for writing,

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