Invalid Blue & Gold that cannot eat seeds

by Nancy Forler
(Playas del Coco Costa Rica)

I have just adopted a Blue Gold that is not able to eat by himself. I am able to feed him directly down the throat. He gets lots of fruits and cooked veggies as well as eggs and pasta. What can I give him to eat in place of seeds as I know that he is lacking the oils from them? Thank you in advance. Nancy

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May 23, 2012
invalid blue & Gold
by: Nancy

Thank you Linda for your information. This bird is 2 and a half years. He got bit as a baby by a spider - we have nasty spiders here in Costa Rica. The man - who has a breeding pair - discovered this and took the baby to the vet and they gave antibiotics but the result from the venom was - the baby ended up with the inability to swallow on his own along with a leg that was partially incapacitated. The man is now so busy with his breeding pair and the new babies and looked for someone to take Pokey. I have other birds and none of them want to drink water and this is why I give all of them more fruits and veggies along with eggs - pasta - chicken - fish.
With Pokey - I cook black beans - strain them and then feed this to him by syringe. I also have been giving him baby cereal mixed as you said with little water - also by syringe. Since he cannot preen himself very well - I also hold him and do the preening for him. The man told me that since he was not getting seeds - this is why I wrote. But now since you say that they really do not need seeds in their diet - then I am happy to know this. When I make the eggs - I mash brocoli - carrots or cauliflower and mix this with the eggs. Sometimes I mix the beans as well.
I also know how to eat properly and so make sure that my birds have a good diet as well. I also am now doing therapy with Pokey and he finally can perch. We got a great rain yesterday and I took Pokey outside and we danced in the rain. We came back inside and I toweled him off so gently and now he is so beautiful.
I cannot get the food that you recommend but I believe that now since I know that seeds do not add anything to the diet - I am able to feed Pokey just fine. Thank you - Nancy

May 23, 2012
Invalid Blue & Gold that cannot eat seeds
by: Linda

You did not say what, exactly, is wrong with him. Does he NOT have a beak? He first needs to be thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet only to make sure his weight is right and that he has no other problems. He could have many physical issues to deal with considering his inability to eat. Seeds are NOT necessary in a bird's diet. We highly recommend organic pellets like Harrison's found here. If you cannot get them into your country then you can look for organic pellets in your country.

If bird does not have a beak, then even the pellets will be difficult to eat. If this is the case, he can eat baby parrot handfeeding formula fed with a syringe and found here. Again, if you cannot get this into your country, find a formula there that does not have preservatives and other dangerous chemicals. This handfeeding formula is used by adding water to the desired consistency, making sure a syringe will draw it up. For your bird, you'll need to make it thicker and still keep it where syringe will draw it up.

Please take this bird to be examined by an Avian Vet right away because special needs birds like yours need regular avian vet visits at least every six months to make sure they are holding their own.

Also, send us more information on what is wrong with your bird. Do not worry about seeds as all seed diets are slow starvation as is too much fruit and veggies. Your bird will die unless he is put on a well balanced diet of organic pellets and/or handfeeding formula in case he cannot eat much of the pellets. Pellets can be soaked a bit in filtered water so they are easier to eat as they are very hard. Do not put so much water food is swimming in it, just enough to soften food a bit. This food will have to be removed in two hours just like any fresh food or it will go rancid. Avoid "making up" a diet for your bird because unless you have the help of a parrot nutritionist or Avian Vet, you will not provide a balanced diet and bird will suffer for that. That's why I suggested an Avian Vet exam right away because he could already have problems with getting enough balanced nutrition.


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