IRN Behavior

by Stan

I have a Indian ringneck parrot and it gets on my finger but sometimes he will shake a little, is this because he is nervous?. Another question is sometimes he will open his mouth pretty far, is this because he wants to get off my finger and bite me?

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Aug 09, 2011
IRN Behavior
by: Linda

The shaking is because he is nervous. The wide opening of mouth is called yawning.

If you have not taken your bird to an Avian Vet in the last year, it is time for him to have a thorough checkup. We recommend new birds be examined within the first few days to a week they are in our homes. After that, yearly visits are recommended to make sure our birds are kept happy, healthy and free of disease. If wings, nails or beaks need trimming, please take your bird to an avian vet and not to some pet store where they may kill your bird. Pet stores pay their employees minimum wage, and normally you cannot get people with much bird training to work there. Avian vet is the only way to have your bird groomed and know that he will be safe.

I strongly recommend you get some reading material on the Indian Ringneck Parakeet so you can learn what you need to know how to take care of him properly. There are books here and many more on the internet. You need to learn more about parrot behavior in general and much more about your Ringneck. Learning about birds is a lifelong project, so get started now so you can be a real friend to your bird.

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