IRN laid her first egg..tail bobbing

by Jessy


My 4 yr old IRN laid her first egg on DEC 2,2013. It was
Infertile as there was no male partner involved.

She hasn't laid any more eggs.

I have included cuttlebone,
Peppermint, egg whites, etc in her diet for extra calcium which is important for her nutrition at this stage. She is not very fond of these though..she only sticks to her normal food such as walnut, groundnut, sunflower seed, guava, apple, corn, rice, pomegranate. so my concern is:

1) Is it normal to lay only 1 egg?
2) how can I be sure that there is no egg binding issue with her?
3) I noticed that her tail bobs when she inhales/ it normal since she just had her first egg?

I'm from a small town with no bird/avian vet any help would be deeply appreciated!

Thanks for your time and patience.

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Dec 06, 2013
Bird with tail bobbing
by: Tracie

It is not unusual that your bird only laid one egg, but you should contact an avian vet in India to help you. Please scroll down to India on this Find an Avian Vet page and contact one of those vets for help.

It is impossible for those of us in the US to suggest things for India, because we don't have the same food available. It would be best if you could get your bird on high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush, but I don't know if you can find them there.

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