IRN not using foot properly

by Claire

Hi, Last week we bought 2 Indian Ringneck Parakeets. We have a green one who is 4 months old and a blue one who is 3 months old. Both birds were fine when we got them home but now the blue bird keeps raising his foot. He (i just call him he as i dont know their sexes!) has a ring on the leg he is having an issue with.

I took him to the vet, she was happy he was healthy and said the ring wasnt too tight. Now I have noticed that the green bird keeps biting the blue birds foot. How can I help them to get along? and what can I do to help the blue bird, I assume he has recieved a nasty bite. The vet did offer to remove his ring but said as it was correctly fitted it was fine, she also said that she would have to put the bird to sleep to get it off which IMO is too big a risk for such a small animal.

Vets bills are not an issue as we have health insurance for our birds but I would be greatful for more information from someone with an obvious interst in parrots. Thanks :)

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Oct 08, 2011
IRN with foot problem
by: Tracie

As far as the one bird biting the other bird's foot, the only way to stop that is to separate them. Only let them out together with close supervision and work with them to encourage them to get along.

You can read my "Should I get another Green Cheek Conure?" story on our Parrot Training page for more information on teaching them acceptable behavior.

As far as the injury goes, you need to go back to the avian vet and have the injury looked at and potentially treated. Dr B can not help, because he can't see your bird to determine or prescribe the proper treatment.

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